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Keep Up to Date with the Latest in Data Technology

Stop! Managing Stock Splits Name Changes etc?

Save time, save money -->> Free yourself up to make the trading decisions. Our quality service will benefit you! Download with us and let our GEMPRO Software do the work for you. GEMPRO provides Stock Market Data for major stock markets around the world.

Worried that your current data history is simply wrong?
Use ours -->> then you can refresh the history at the click of a button. Ours is designed to having you trading. While other software have their downtime our downloading software has been quietly ticking away like a clock for over 15 years. It is solid dependable and reliable works on Win 98 Win 2000 & Win XP. No other data supplier has this record. Many go for fancy things that just don't work.

Reliable historic and current data for updating your database is available on ASX stocks, local and overseas indexes, futures and currencies. This the data service used by more members of the Australian Technical Analysts Association than any other (January 1998 Survey).

You can collect your data via the InterNet anywhere in the world.
We have had users successfully downloading their ASX data in Helsinki!

In addition you can access the ADEST database, via a Network by a local call, from most major cities around the world (an extra charge applies for this service outside of New Zealand and Australia, call for details).
Or simply download direct from the Internet. 

ASX and SFE data are available for collection no later than 5.00pm (EST)  and overseas data is available from 9.00am (EST) or 11.00am during daylight savings time (ESST). Includes Diary Adjustments for Splits, Dividends, Bonus issues and New Issues, Company name changes etc. Premium E Signal from the Stock Exchange.

Data is supplied in a wide variety of data formats for most popular Charting and portfolio management software. Including Advanced Get, CSI, Dow Chart, Indexia, Excel, Fibonacci Trader, Indexia, Insight Trader, Lotus, Metastock, Parity -plus, CycleTrader, Market Analyst, Trade Station, Fibonacci Trader, PPS SuperCharts, Wall Street Analyst. to name a few.

ASX Options Traders - here is what you see on our Options Chains Data View Click Here>>

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Data Technology
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          Historical Data

Most data is back to 1986 or start of trading. That is we have a 13 year (average for ASX longer for Futures and Indices eg S&P 500 to 1952), historical data on CD ROM. Available in either MetaStock  format - $110.00 incl GST and Delivery. But...
Sign up for a download with us for just 3 months and we will give you a Free History all you have to pay is delivery! 

Intra Day Data:  SFE SPI (AO & AP ) Sydney Futures Exchange Tick Data
FROM 1990 TO CURRENT DATE -  A$60 per year per contract emailed to you.
CD or Downloadable History of SPI Tick Data

  • SPI AO Tick Data History Contract ASCII 1993-1999 $311 plus delivery
    no Delivery charge if you take the Download Option. Order now                   

  • SPI AP Tick Data History Contract ASCII 2002-date $311 plus delivery.
    no Delivery charge if you take the Download Option. Order now                    

    $$$S SAVE ON ALL SPI TICK DATA PACK 1993-99 and 2002-Date                  

We are proud that our customers stay with us even during bear markets: Why?
- The data is clean and 
- The software easy to use
- The Downloads are fast
- The distribution is fast
- You get fundamental data like EPS, Yields, Market Cap!
- You get Hourly Intra Day Updates on the whole market
   FREE if you need them
- If you download the ASX after 7.45pm or 12 midnight you SAVE!
- You can refresh your history at anytime
- You can recollect up to 5 months worth of daily updates
   at anytime

- All you have to do is click Download and the software does
  everything else - stock splits name changes etc
- Our service is via phone! No voice Mails or Emails 

Our service lets you get on with your trading not spending time emailing or pressing phone buttons.

Price List  per month paid quarterly in Advance

Would you like to Discover what the Seasonal Patterns are in the ASX Stock Market  more>>
Portfolio After 5.00pm After 7.45pm Post Midnight With Intraday Snapshot 5:00pm
All ASX Stock Warrants & Indices $44




Extras for All ASX Pack can be:        
All SFE* SFE available after 7pm AEST $12.10

All Overseas* Details Click Here OVS  available in Morning AEST
 After US Markets Close
NA $12.10

All ASX Stocks, Warrants,  Indices & Exchange Traded Options (Options available after 8.30pm) $61.60

NA $27.8 post Midnight

Historical DataBase:
for ASX (back to 1986) SFE OVS Downloaded
Via Download $55




Important note.
With this service level ADEST supplies the software to collect the data from our database and to distribute it to the database on your computer. It will automatically update the data with share dividends, splits, name changes etc. (Metastock & EzyChart formats only) prices include GST for Australians.
The following terms and conditions apply to the Full Service
1.    Minimum charge is $22.00 per month.
2.    Payment method must be one of the following, monthly automatic
       credit card deduction or direct bank debit, or quarterly payment by
       credit card or cheque.

An accounting charge of $5.00 applies if  we invoice you.


NB. Full history of ASX Market and all SFE & Overseas
Indexes & Commodities history on CD-ROM only $110 postage
 in MetaStock format - Includes 30 Day Free Updates.

Or pay only A$55 with any data updating order for 3 months or more.

To order on Credit Cards via Our Secure Server just click here.

Feel free to call us on 02.8205.7470 if you need anything. Or Contact
us via Email Click Here>>

Or you may talk to us Live On-Line during Australian Eastern State Business Hours

Got any more questions? Just click Here and read our FAQ>>

Learn how to trade with our Trading Education for upcoming seminars on Trading and Charting.

Market Updates with David Hunt  


TradeStation 2000i & ASX Data Starter Pack with Free History and 1 Months discounted Updating more>>

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